Architecture: Be an architect in Barcelona | International Summer School of La Salle BCN

Be an architect in Barcelona

The La Salle pre-university summer architecture program is specially crafted for high school students who are considering architecture or design as a potential university path and future career. Any students interested in learning the fundamentals of architectural design, theory, and history will be engaged in this dynamic and collaborative program. Excursions and nighttime activities will let students experience Barcelona’s rich urban fabric first-hand and walk the Gothic streets that inspired Gaudi and many others.

Course content

The course content is based on a hands-on exercise that will be the focus throughout the program’s duration: re-imagining Mies van der Rohe’s world famous Barcelona Pavilion. Classes will provide students an opportunity to learn more about designing spaces, practical skills like dimensioning and model making, and basic history and theory that will serve as a strong foundation for any high school student interested in architecture and design.

Classes include:

  • Transforming Mies van der Rohe
    This will be a project-based studio class with a mix of organized instruction and independent and group work. You will be responsible for transforming Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion into a private residence for a unique client.
  • Drawing Mies van der Rohe
    An introduction to architectural drawing and how to represent 3D spaces with 2D information, within the context of one of the great modern masters and his contemporaries.
  • Model Making
    A workshop-style, hands-on class for students to develop models of their project ideas. Model making techniques will be explained and put into practice.
  • Theory
    An introduction to modern architectural theory and the concepts behind it. Students will feel more confident with their ability to understand, contextualize, and criticize architecture.
  • Space and Dimensions
    Besides learning the basics of how to dimension spaces, this class will look at different relationships between the human body and the spaces we inhabit. Structures, furniture, and even products will be analyzed to understand how we relate to the world around us.

Students will visit the Barcelona Pavilion twice during their time in the program to collect information, take photos, develop hypotheses, and see the case study first-hand. Additional off-campus visits will be organized to strengthen students’ understanding of their urban and architectural surroundings.


Students will enjoy the opportunity to analyze a real project while applying the knowledge they acquire during the course. Exercises will lead students to develop a proposal as they reimagine Mies van der Rohe’s famous pavilion. Students will work individually and in groups to develop their projects, which can be the perfect start for a college application portfolio.

Instruction will be led by college-level professors with assistance from PhD and Master’s students, all of whom are practicing architects.

The course will feature a mid-review and a final review, giving students the opportunity to present their ideas to their teachers and peers.


    All classes include specific social and cultural activities to get to know Barcelona, its history, and people.

    You will take classes with students of different nationalities and backgrounds at a University of International Excellence, as named by the Government of Spain.

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