Project Management for Construction | International Summer School of La Salle BCN

Project Management
for Construction

The course responds to the current demand of building professionals have ability to develop, with guarantees, the process of construction sector as a whole.

In the materialization of a construction work the coordinated intervention of various agents is necessary, such as the promoter, the client, the designer, the director, the constructor, the industry and the public administration. In this sense, the construction sector has been demanding a professional with a training that unites all the areas of knowledge of all these agents.

The course responds to the demand from the construction sector for a professional with the ability to carry out the management of the building process .

During the Project Management for Construction course you will receive the necessary techniques and skills to guarantee that the construction Project is finalized on time, within the established budget and according to the approved specifications.

The participation of all the agents involved in the management of this type of project will be taken into account (public/private promoters, designers, constructors, industry and public administration).

  • Analysis, conceptual and technical interpretation of projects.
  • Management of external collaborators (specialist technicians).
  • Project Auditing
    • Introduction and General concepts
    • Explanatory index for the review of the basic and executive project
    • Measures auditing
    • Basic Project review report
    • Executive Project review report
    • Auditing report for financial organization and public works
    • Practical case
  • Administrative and legal management before the start of the construction (licences and supply connections)
  • Project cost and economic viability calculations
  • Contracting and purchases planning
  • Administrative and legal management during the construction
  • Follow up and control of the finalized construction project (tests): dimensioning, planning, management of agents, management.
  • Handing in of documents – Client service (Building book , as-built, maintenance plan).
  • Support, attention and client service.

The programme is completed with visits within Barcelona:

  • Wednesday 29th June from 3pm to 8pm: Visit to Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter  
  • Wednesday 6th July from 3pm to 8pm: Visit to 22@ - Smarts Cities
  • Wednesday 13th July from 3pm to 8pm: Visit to the City of Justice